Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am so relieved to be writing this initial blog simply to escape the task at hand. I am supposed to be composing the "ABOUT" section for the website (the only thing left to do, Ed reminds me, again) but I find it way more difficult than I had imagined. Putting down how I feel about surfing, cinema and San Diego in a neat, tidy little package? And then making it sound interesting enough to you guys to come out and support the 2012 San Diego Surf Film Festival? Gnarly.
I guess this is what it is really all "ABOUT" from my perspective.
Surfing, cinema and San one word, SACRED.
I do not ever remember a time when I didn't go in the ocean. It has been the only ritual that has stayed with me to this very day. Surfing is the most amazing thing there is that is why we are all reading this, right? Who doesn't like getting barreled? Ok, so we agree to move on?
Cinema, I used to make collages out of my surf mags and put together insane mixed cassette tapes...BAM, filmmaker. I didn't have a choice but to love cinema. That was easy but this next one is a bit tougher.
San Diego, I was born and raised here and am humbled by the amazing souls that have helped to shape my home town. This is the best city in the world...truly. It is 70 degrees and 2-3' 80% of the time. I can think of no other home but San Diego.
Well, I hope this makes sense and you all come out to Bird's Surf Shed May 11-13, 2012 for the San Diego Surf Film Festival to celebrate surfing, cinema and San Diego.

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