Tuesday, December 27, 2011


 Joe had me at Dawn Patrol...and the fact that he laughed at that joke makes me dig him all the more.

   The San Diego Surf Film Festival is honored to announce Joe Hodnicki as our featured artist for our inaugural festival May 11th-13th at Bird's Surf Shed in beautiful San Diego, California.  I realize I knew Joe's artwork before I knew him.  I first saw the Dawn Patrol image a couple years back and I was floored.  I figured I would to run into him sooner or later and the fact that I had to wait until Grain Surfboard's Re-Evolution last September seemed like a long time but it was well worth it.  Kindred spirits we became quick friends.  And then Joe starts popping up everywhere.  After Maine, I see him cruising around the New York Surf Film Festival, creating amazing handplane art at Sacred Craft, designing the upcoming X-Games logo...everywhere.  I figured before he gets too busy I would approach him about designing our logo based on San Diego's contribution to surf design.  He agreed wholeheartedly and nailed it.

   I am excited to see all the artwork Joe creates for the festival.  I even got a sneak peak at another one and it is good.  So good.  Joe has been handed the tricky task of moderating the entire surf art family and will be presiding over the SDSFF art lounge.  But being a part of the San Diego Surf Film Festival is much more multi-dimensional than just rad art.  It is about family and following your dreams and after reading what Joe has to say about a recent artwork of his, I think you will understand why we are extremely proud to welcome the entire Hodnicki family into ours.
Thank you Joe.

For more info and artwork check out Joe's site:http://www.sharingthestoke.com/

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