Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SDSFF 2015 Screening Panel Spotlight

From professional artists to legendary and pioneering surfers, community and environmental activists, educators, filmmakers, and just all around cool and talented people, the SDSFF 2015 screening panel is nothing short of amazing. Hoots & Shakas to these fine panelists, who have worked very hard to make sure you all see the finest in surf cinema.
Cher Pendarvis
Cher Pendarvis is a seasoned artist, author and surfer, and a well loved and respected member of the surfing community.  Cher, who recently celebrated 50 years of wave riding, was a founding member of Women's International Surfing Association (WISA). She is also a pioneer surf board shaper. She has designed, shaped and glassed boards, foiled fins, and was one of the first surfers to ride a fish.
After graduating college, Cher became the first female staff member at Surfing Magazine, where she worked as an Art Associate from 1975–1978. Cher enjoys combining her art with surfing—painting on paper, canvas, digital painting, and on surfboards, as well as photography and video. Travels to paint and surf have taken her throughout California, the East Coast, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Cher’s husband, Steve Pendarvis is an innovative surfboard builder (Pendoflex surfboards)and she enjoys helping him, and often paints his boards. Explore Cher's beautiful and whimsical artwork at

Cori Schumacher. Photo: Maria Cerda
Cori Schumacher has not only made a big splash in women's professional surfing, but has also unleashed her skills in environmental and social activism.  The Southern California native and three-time world longboard champion is also the founder of the Inspire Initiative, a nonprofit organization created to enrich and empower women of all ages through participation in surfing while emphasizing education, media literacy and building a core community of leaders that will effect positive change in the world. Check out Cori's intelligent and witty musings at

Surf Sista. Photo: Mike Avalon
Mary Mills, aka "Surf Sista," is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor who gets her kicks surfing, skateboarding and playing the drums. Her musings on the Southern California surf experience can be found on her blog “Black People Don’t Surf."

Keith Boyd

 Keith is a native Mainer who transplanted to the West Coast a few lifetimes ago and fell instantly in love with all things Pacific and oceanic. He has supported his passions for music, art and waves by teaching special education for the past 14 years. Previous to that he served in the Peace Corps (Mauritania, West Africa '92-'95) and taught science for the San Diego County Office of Education.
When not keeping his gills wet on various surf craft (mats, paipos and handplanes in particular), he can be found strumming anything with strings, scribbling on any blank surface, running a few miles, or hanging out with his amazing wife and two daughters. To put it plainly, Keith is stoked out of his mind to be involved with the San Diego Surf Film Festival! He is deeply honored to have been asked to participate as a panel member and looks forward to working with and learning from such an incredible group of people.

Adrian Lopez. Photo: Andy Quinn

I'm a mind molder of the visual arts at the high school level in Huntington Beach, Calif. When I'm not teaching or making art I'm in the water bodysurfing, paipoing (I don't know if that’s even a word), surfing, and whatever else gives me water time. Shakas!

Andy Quinn. Sasquatch
Andy Quinn is an award-winning non-fiction filmmaker, outdoor enthusiast, father, husband, former marine biologist, and current Sasquatch.  Andy is a reluctant resident of Los Angeles County who enjoys cooking, eating, traveling, and anything else that requires heavy-breathing and perspiration, with the exception of over-heated interior spaces.  Mr. Quinn is tolerated by his lovely wife, adorable young son, and two Australian shepherds. As a past SDSFF award winner, Andy is excited to be involved in this year’s selection process.

Chris Viverito
The Captain Surfs is a multimedia artist from the North Shore of Oahu, specializing in the not so fine arts and having good times. 

The SDSFF will announce films on April 21. Visit for tickets and more info. 

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