Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Quick Conversation With Filmmaker Jack Coleman


Jack Coleman’s fourth independent feature length surf film Groove Move celebrates the heart and soul of surfing with the world’s top experimental board riders, from the depths of the underground to well recognized sea gliders.  Groove Move was filmed on location in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, and California, and shot on SUPER 8 film digitally transferred to HD, giving viewers a far out experience. The SDSFF is stoked to present this film during our UNDERTOW VIP PARTY, Wednesday May 7 from 7 p.m.- 11 p.m. at Karl Strauss Brewery Tasting Room, Downtown San Diego. (This event is for VIP Nautilus Pass holders).
PMK recently caught up with Jack, who is already on to his next adventure.
Welcome back from the 70's.  Your film is packed full of surfing's counterculture icons. How was it wrangling all these fine folks together to make Groove Move?
 JC: It wasn’t easy!!! I feel like it took me five years to figure it out. I thought I wanted to shoot short boarding, but this film made me look inside myself and really think about what I was shooting. So it's been a long process of figuring out how I could get these guys in my films. I think all the work I've done over the years helped me to get the big guys like Rasta, Machado, Burch and Joel; they respect that I'm shooting film and doing it all on my own. Honestly, it all seems unreal that I'm getting to meet and shoot with my favorite modern surfers. I'm truly blessed and so proud to represent them in my films.


Explain your draw to alternative surf craft.
JC: I think alternative crafts give you a better glide – that feeling of the wave doing all the work and you as the surfer flowing with what it gives you. Mainstream short boards are only fun for certain moments and specific conditions. Riding alternative craft gives you room to explore.

I heard something about Australia. Give us a breakdown on your summer plans and what's next.
JC: I'm in LAX  air terminal right now as I type. I’m off to Australia  for 23 days. I’m going to be showing the film a few times during my trip. I’m also going to film with my Aussie talent who lives over there. I’ll be staying on the East Coast and doing a few missions up and down the coast. I have another fairly unknown talent who lives in that zone, and I wanted to feature him in my next film. I’m pretty excited about showcasing new talent like Ari Browne and Justin Adams. I’ll be surfing too -whenever I'm not shooting. I’m going to take some time on my next film – it'll probably be out next summer. I really love my cast and they are my favorite surfers on the planet, so I'm going to keep it tight with those guys all year and keep flying under the corporate radar.

Thanks Jack, we look forward to seeing your next great adventure on film. Hoots & shakas!

 Check out the Groove Move trailer:

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