Friday, February 15, 2013



...every time I think of these two words, I smile. 
Much like flight confirmation, sheet glass and all-you-can-eat-sushi buffet.

In related news, the SDSFF is proud to welcome Matt as our featured artist for upcoming 2013 SDSFF this May 8-12th at Bird's Surf Shed in beautiful San Diego, Ca.

Why did we choose Matt Beard for the highly-coveted job of featured artist and art director for the 2013 SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL? (Upon reading this, Matt Beard learns that he is also now art director.)
Simply, because Matt could be the greatest artist alive today. 
Here is some proof:

And if that isn't enough, introducing 2013 SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL ARTWORK...

"Yes, I bet my shoes he is the greatest but I would love to see him in a cage match with Damian Fulton." - George Greenough

So, come down to the 2013 SDSFF and ascertain for yourself whether Matt Beard is the greatest living artist or accept George Greenough's word on it.
Matt and a few special guests will be kicking off the 2013 SDSFF with a live art/music presentation at the SDSFF VIP Filmmaker and Press Party Wednesday, May 8th at Surfindian in Pacific Beach.
(Nautilus pass holders only.  For more info:

Matt Beard just opened up his beautiful new gallery in Eureka so if you are in the neighborhood please go check it out.
336  Grotto St.
Eureka, Ca.
Or his website for more inspiration.


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